Sunday, December 14, 2008


Chapter 10: Raid Orders
Assuming the identity of secret policeman Doman, Operator 5 infiltrates President Ursus Young's security meeting to discover the Black Corps have located the headquarters of the Secret Sentinel resistance.He's able to get the warning out just as the goons attack, forcing the entire control center to flee moments ahead of the secret police. And something new shows up in this chapter: Ursus Young announces his intent of bring the guillotine back to publicly execute traitors to his regime. OK, now we know the reason for the crimson executioner on the cover of the original magazine.
I'd like to know if the cover was painted before or after the plot of this novel was discussed.
I have this vision of an editor on the phone saying:"Hey Fred, we got this great painting for the next issue. You need to write a story that has a guillotine in it."

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