Sunday, December 14, 2008


Chapter 11: The Signal
Operator 5, Z-7, and all the refugees of the raid on their Washington, DC center have reached the secret communication of the resistance. Once safely at the command center they learn more horrible news: Ursus Young has rushed a session of congress in to ratify a new constitution to give him unlimited powers. Using balloons to raise the antennas, Z-7 broadcasts the call to arms to their supporters all across the nation:

“Sentinels, you have your orders! Act upon them now! Begin your march! Washington is your objective! The destruction of the despot Young is your aim! The preservation of the United States of our forefathers, the salvation of the nation we love, is our paramount purpose. “Strike!” “This is your signal!”

You can almost hear the MGM background music thunder as Davis describes page after page of the black robed armies marching on Washington. There is an extensive description of a Sentinel air strike on a fighter plane squadron loyal to Young. Operator 5 arrives in Washington just in time to prevent Diane Elliot from being decapitated in front of the capitol dome. The chapter concludes with the final battle to take the capitol.
If ever there was a chapter in this novel designed to keep the readers glued to the page, this is it. I imagine hardcore Operator 5 readers silently reading this on the bus, at the table, or on the street corner. Frederick Davis cranks up the newsreel volume to 12 in this one.

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