Sunday, December 14, 2008


Chapter 12: Destiny Makers
Just as President Ursus Young is about to order congress to vote in his new constitution, the Secret Sentinels break into the capitol building, disarming the Black Troopers. At gun point, Young signs documents naming the former president as his secretary of state. With all of his cronies resigning in mass, Young is then forced to sign his own resignation papers. Fleeing the capitol building with his deaf mute body guards, Young is gunned down before an enraged mob can get to him. The final pages of the novel deal with the government looking at the long road ahead to rebuilding the republic.
The novel ends very abruptly. It would seem that having hit his word quota, the author decided to wrap things up and get on with the next adventure. This I find a little bit of a disappointment, as I was hoping for the details on how the new government reconstituted itself.

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