Thursday, December 11, 2008


Chapter 3: Suicide Stratagem
Jimmy Christopher spends most of this chapter trying to get in contact with Central Headquarters WDC-13 in Washington, DC at the local USIS office. However, as soon as he arrives, he discovers the branch has been infiltrated by Governor Young's men. Unable to send the real report to his superiors via radio, he is neverless able to get out a warning. But Young's minions try to trap him in the branch office with poision gas. Being Operator-5, he escapes their trap.
He still hasn't located the whereabouts of the Diane Elliot. Even her contacts at the local wire service are terrified to speak about her.
The governor's men try to kill Jimmy Christopher with "cacodyl isocyanide". This was touted as a new and deadlier poison gas in the late 1920's. It was never actually used in war. I an only assume the author of the this episode had been doing a bit of background reading on poison gas.

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