Friday, December 12, 2008


Chapter 4: Defiance of Terror
Now we finally get a look at the aspiring fascist dictator, Governor Ursus Young. The governor has his office in the capitol of New Cornwall. He's awaiting a vote which will award him the nomination to the executive office of the USA. And in walks Operator 5. Who had requested an audience with him. Sweet.
How cold is this wannabee Mussolini? Very. Let's put it this way: he has a personal body guard of four deaf mutes. Thus, the men closest to him can neither hear nor speak of anything which goes on around them. And one other item: he has a personal secretary named Melvard Gorad. My admiration for the creative powers of writer Frederick Davis increase with each page I read.
Naturally, Hizzfuhrer assures Jimmy Christopher that he has nothing to do with the disappearance of Diane Elliot. He guarantees Operator 5 "every protection and convenience" in allowing the USIS man to leave the state.
Once Operator 5 has left the building, it's a different story. The governor orders his Black Corpsmen to capture him by any mean necessary. Operator 5 had counted on it, even telling Gov. Young he already knew where Diane was being held.
The remainer of the chapter has Operator Five trailing the secret police to where they are holding Diane and her rescue.
So far, each chapter has built on the action of the one previous.
A little more background on Govenor Young would've been nice. We don't get much of a description of him either, other than he's huge and posesses "iron-gray" hair. However, I'm sure Davis felt that the action part of the story was paying his bills.

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