Saturday, December 13, 2008


Chapter 7: Divided Allegiance
With fascists now in control of the government, Operator 5 and Z-7 have no choice but to form a secret underground organization. We are taken to a special hide-out Z-7 had constructed years ago which only he knew about. Planning for the possibility of a foreign invasion, Z-7 had a duplicate WDC-13 (central headquarters) built. With duplicate files and separate phone lines, they will now carry out the resistance against Ursus Young.
I had to love the entrance to the secret hideout: a grandfather clock. Years later The Man from UNCLE TV show would work the same angle.
Z-7 summons his loyal agents and pledges to bring down the dictatorship of Ursus Young. And he doesn't sugar coat the work ahead:

“Before I go further, I warn you that this is organized treason. This, Gentlemen, is the something of a revolution. We will move in constant danger of arrest by President Young’s new secret police, in danger of imprisonment without trial, in danger of execution without the slightest hope of appeal. All of you, if you follow me upon our determined course, will face the penalty of spies at work in an enemy country in time of war. We will be facing peril at every turn while fighting for our country and against a terroristic dictator. We will face death."

One interesting scene has Jimmy Christopher teaching Tim Donovan a mentalist trick. What it boils down to is a way to get someone to think of a particular number. The trick is explained in great detail, which makes me wonder if author Davis had picked up an interest in magic. Certainly Walter Gibson, who wrote most of the Shadow novels, was devoted to stage magic.

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