Saturday, December 13, 2008


Chapter 8: Hooded Foe
Z-7 now makes an impassioned speech to all the opposition intelligence agents which have gathered at the secret location. He puts it bluntly:

“If President Young is the nation, we are enemies of our own country! It is not only that we have pledged defiance to his dictatorship. We are unalterably opposed also to all the dangerous, subversive forces that are allied with him. Behind him now, stand rings of destructionists whose only aim has been to destroy the United States. Over all the country, un-American organizations are hailing Young as their new leader— hailing him as their unholy messiah, who will make the United States a nation of the past— a nation which, once crushed down, can never rise again!”

Jimmy Christopher recruits a former comrade in the USIS known only as T-3 to gain entrance into Ursus Young's inner circle. After tricking a local officer of the secret police into following them back to their secret meeting place, Operator 5 assumes the idenity of the Black Corpsman. Next, he and T-3 fake an assassination attempt on Young. Operator 5, under the guise of Donn Doman, sergent of the secret police. T-3 is captured, but Operator 5 has gained Young's gratitude and respect under his new identity. He's also promoted into the inner circle, which was the plan all along.
Pretty strong stuff, but you have to remember what was happening in the world at the time. With the unholy trinity of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin dividing up the world, it seemed like a real possibility a home grown dictator could emerge in the USA. The Silver Shirts were already getting a lot of attention in the newspapers, even if their numbers were small. Oswald Mosley already had his British Union of Fascists up and running. The future didn't look too bright.

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