Monday, December 22, 2008


Chapter 1: The Eyes in the Sky
With this Operator 5 novel (first published in August of 1934), we encounter religious fanatics intent on destroying America and everything she represents. Once again, the Operator 5 novels have an eerie parallel to our own times. If this pulp series exists in an alternate universe, it's not very far from our own.
The chapter opens with Jimmy Christopher and his sidekick Tim Donovan racing a "roadster" across the mountains of Virginia. Operator 5 has received a summons of great urgency from his boss Z-7. But before they can reach the sacred city of Washington, the pair encounter a swarthy group of men wearing black robes with matching turbans chasing after some unknown woman on a lonely mountain road. Operator 5 dispatches them, rescues the girl, and deposits her to her town before continuing on his mission.
Also they encounter a strange apparition floating in the sky: two giant eyes which seem to be watching them closely. The only knowledge we receive about Operator 5's latest predicament is that several United States Intelligence agents have been killed in different parts of the country within days of each other. All we know about our hero is that he and Tim have been on a vacation since the conclusion of The Melting Death affair.
It really must suck to be Operator 5. OK, you get to duke it out with mindless zombies from time to time, but the USIS won't even let him have a decent vacation. I just hope they let him accumulate those vacation days from year to year.

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