Monday, January 5, 2009

Cavern of the Damned: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Destroying God
OK, ten chapters into the book and still no underground cavern. I hope one turns up. It might even improve the tempo.
Operator 5 and his cohorts track the hidden city cell of the Zaavists to a building in the fashionable side of town. The take control of the private elevator which gives access to the hidden temple, but neglect to remove the private elevator operator. Must be a work rule. Anyway, to no one's surprise the elevator operator springs a hidden wire trap loose on the secret agents which nearly kills them all. Wounded, but surviving, the agents plan their next assault on the hidden temple.
The identity of the Zaavist is becoming real confusing. One instance we're told they're from Tibet, another that a "Hindu", which implies someone from India, was driving a car to the elevator. What? All Asians look alike to writer Fred Davis?

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