Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cavern of the Damned: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Doomed to Destruction!
Now things are really picking up. Operator 5 shows up at mission control after his assault on the Zaavist temple with burned clothes. However, he does'nt know that Z-12 has fallen under the hypnotic spell of the leader of the Zaavists. His father, John Christopher, and twin sister Nan are there to greet him.
Now we learn the Zaavist cult is smuggling large amounts of bhang hashish across the border into the country in order to get Americans hooked on some bad drugs. Countless US intelligence agents are dying in the line of duty. And what does Z-12 do? Order Operator 5 off the case!
Jimmy Christopher is in a bind. He is loyal to his oaths, but what happens when your immediant superior has been mindwarped over to the other side?

“Those are orders, Z-7,” Operator 5 declared again, his voice ringing cold, “that I cannot accept. As for my oath, I swore to serve my country, to devote my life to the preservation of the nation—that above all else. I am obeying that supreme command, Chief, when I tell you that I refuse to accept your orders.”

Under the control of the Zaavists, Z-7 orders the arrest of the only person who can stop them.
Operator 5 is a wanted man.

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