Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cavern of the Damned: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Secret Summons
Operator 5 finally hooks up with Tim Donovan who tells him how he observed Z-7 in complete obedience to the Zaavist prince. After examining Z-7's belongings, he discovers Z-7 has been hooked on bhang hashish from casual, but intentional, contact with the dreaded weed. He summons some of his secret service colleges to a hidden location and urges them to cooperate with him against the infiltrated agency. As he explains it:

“You will not be false to your oath of service,” said Jimmy Christopher. “You will be false only to the influence of Zaava—because Z-7’s orders came not from his own mind, but from the minds of the cultists who have taken control of him.”

The other secret agents rally to Operator 5 and pledge to rid the country of the nefarious druggie cultists.

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