Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cavern of the Damned: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Terror in the Night
Having dispatched the secret agent band of wolves, Operator 5 locates his twin sister Nan, now in the throws of bhang hashish addiction. He has a talk with her, scares Nan straight, and discovers the Zaavist got her hooked on the demon weed by putting it in her lip rouge. Efficient man, this Operator 5.
Back on the trail of the turbaned terrors, Jimmy Christopher, his dad, and Tim Donovan head north to the last known location of agent J-8, who was close to locating the hideout of the Zaavists. The trail leads to a house on an island in a reservoir. They locate J-8 in the basement of the house: hanging from a meat hook. Too late. But they also discover a hidden trap door in the basement which leads to the Great Black Temple of the Zaavists.

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