Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cavern of the Damned: Chapter 17

Chapter 17-Cavern of the Damned
As the novel nears it's conclusion, the plot becomes increasingly weird. Operator 5, in the captivity of the Zaavists, is hauled in front of the golden-robed leader of the cult. Their supreme leader is merely known as "The Namless One". Which is strange, because I'd thought he was the Tibetan Prince Horpa Tal. Guess this was'nt the Nameless One's real name. Accompaning N.O is the distinguished US Senator Crotton, the latest drug-fueled convert to the new religion.
But wait, there's more!
Operator 5 gets to meet The Venerable Oracle who:

“Long before the memory of any living man he was born, high on the plateau of Tibet. More than a hundred years before the Crusades he began to live. He was dwelling upon this earth when the Vikings roamed the seas. The eternal Power of Zaava still gave him life when this continent was discovered. He has seen centuries pass like hours to an ordinary man. In his span of life the settlement of America has been only a brief incident. More than a thousand years he has lived in the Peace of Timelessness.”

The V.O. shows him images of Operator 5's men fighting against the Zaavists in the underground tunnels, only to be thrown back by the Zaava militia.
And, that's not all!
There's even a leper colony in the underground Zaavist compound. These are men who have willingly contracted Hansen's Disease just to "serve Zaava".

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