Monday, January 12, 2009

Cavern of the Damned: Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Zaava Destroys!
The final chapter has Jimmy Christopher battling the mindless Zaavists in the underground cavern. He also manages to save Diane from her cell in the bowels of the earth. Operator 5 kicks into more action as he fights a horde of lepers who are in the service of the Dark God. There's a climatic scene where the cavern is flooded by an explosion, killing most of the followers of Zaava. We also get to witness a horde of Zaavists leaping into a fire.
And in the last few pages, all's well that ends well. Operator 5 makes his report and it's assumed the remaining cultists will be hunted down.
But I guess they didn't find all the bhang and maybe this explains the 60's.

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