Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cavern of the Damned: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Tim Takes the Trail
Now that Jimmy Christopher and Tim Donovan are safely away from the Zaavist compound, they question the minister they rescued from it. Seems the entire congregation was buzzed on hashish fumes which the Zaavists used to flood the church. In the midst of the prayer meeting, the golden-turbaned man entered the church, sat down an graven image in the midst, and preached about the power of Zaava. Everyone in the church was abducted, save the reluctant minister.
Hmmm. Are these Zaavists or Rastafarians?
At times this book shifts into Jack Chick county. I almost expect to see an book illustration with "Holy Bible" written on it.
By the end of the chapter we are introduced to Operator 5's sister, Nan. Jimmy Christopher rescues her from the clutches of drug-laced roses before the Zaavists strike.

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