Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cavern of the Damned: Wrap-up

Ok, another adventure with Jimmy Christopher, AKA Operator Five. No where near as over-the-top as Blood Reign of the Dictator, but fun just the same. I must assume the series took a while to get moving. You can't expect author Fred Davis would've hit his stride so early in the series.
The good points: the eyes in the sky we saw in chapter one. The leper attack at the conclusion. Zaavist jumping into the fire. Loved those man traps in the Zaavist temple.
This one had a lot of questions which never were answered. Just what the hell was that idol supposed to look like? We never did get a description. Why is the cult leader know as "The Nameless One" in the last few chapters after his name was given out freely at the beginning of the book? What happened to the girl who was whipped at the meeting of the cultists?
It was painfully obvious the author hadn't a clue about Tibetan culture. However, I write this from a time when "Free Tibet" bumper stickers are everywhere. Plus I can do quicker research on exotic countries than Fred Davis could even dream. Bhang hashish as a crowd control agent? I dunno about that one.
I'm already looking forward to the next adventure.

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