Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Master of the Broken Men: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Boomerang Death
Operator 5 visits one of the many secret lair of the United States Intelligence Office. He assists in the interrogation of the only tribesman captured in the assault on the DAR dance. Since they can't get a thing out of him (the order to close down clandestine prisons having not been yet issued), the service sends for a jungle explorer. The explorer, named Kirby Carveth, identifies the assailant as a member of one of the hill tribes from Assam, India. After leaving the building, Operator 5 is attacked by an Australian Aborigine wielding a razor-sharp boomerang.
I don't know what Fred Davis' issue is here, but suddenly "black" savages begin appearing. I think he slacked on his geography, because most of the people from Assam, India, are fair in complexion. Savage tribes? Hardly. Today, it's a big destination for Eco-tourism.

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