Friday, January 30, 2009

Master of the Broken Men: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Trial of Terror
After subduing the Aborigine, Operator 5 captures another bad guy: Oreos Pakas. It seems Mr. Pakas has lately been in the company of the Utopiasts, a subversive organization:

Enemies of all government, more dangerously radical than Communists and Nihilists, they had spread their influence across the shores of the United States, a power utterly antagonistic to the principles of American democracy, an organization sworn to destroy every vestige of centralized government.

After assessing the situation, Z-7, Jimmy Christopher's boss, gives him a defacto hunting licence to take out this group, and its masked leader, with extreme prejudice.
Utopiasts? Where did this group mutate? Could this have something to do with Sir Thomas Moore's ideal 16th society? I guess we'll have to meet the masked man again to find out.

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