Tuesday, April 27, 2010

KEW Collection

Here's a picture of all the books I've managed to accumulate on the KEW list. I haven't had a lot of time to read lately, so the posting has been infrequent. Also, I'm just about out of the books on the list I can find at less than absurd prices. However, hope springs eternal. When I first encountered this list over 20 years ago, it was damn near impossible to find any of these books.
God Bless the Internet and all who sail with it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gabriel Hunt: At the Well of Eternity

Dorchester Publishing is running full throttle trying to create a new pulp hero with their "Gabriel Hunt" line. Gabriel Hunt is the hero and subject of the series with each book not authored, but "told to" the writer. Hunt is a rich and handsome world traveler who is heir to his parents' fortune. In the first book we learn that his parents disappeared at sea, leaving him and his brother Michael to administer the family fortune. They also run the Hunt Foundation, which serves as the background cover for Gabriel's jaunting around the planet.
This book, which opens the series, has Gabriel heading down to Mexico in search of a band of nogoodniks who have dared to interrupt his museum black tie affair. At the fundraiser, he and his brother Michael are approached by a mysterious Latina woman who hands him a bottle wrapped in a confederate battle flag. Before he can talk to her, the waiters have all pulled out guns and started blasting away. When the smoke has cleared, the bottle is broken and the woman has been abducted by the waiters. Good help is so hard to find!
Soon, Gabriel is heading into Mexico on his private jet. Along the way, there's a shoot-out in the everglades and a trip to a civil war battlefield. Somehow, a vanished Confederate general figures into the the mystery. But everywhere he goes, Hunt's enemies are one step behind him, even if they seldom manage to wound. The journey soon leads him to the mountains of Guatemala and a lost city.
I have to admit, the series is off to a weak start. Hopefully, they'll bring in some more interesting chroniclers. And that cover....looks like a Harlequin romance.