Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire by (as told to) Christa Faust

The Gabriel Hunt series continues to reward with this latest outing by mystery writer Christa Faust. In keeping with the theme, the book is listed as having been "told to" Faust. A nice Glen Orbick painting graces the cover too. It's good to see Ms. Faust generating more novels; I was quite impressed with Money Shot, her novel for Hard Case Crime (and I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel to it!).
In Beyond the Frozen Fire, Gabriel Hunt, rich adventurer and all-around hero, travels to the depths of the south polar region at the bequest of the beautiful Velda Silver, who is searching for her missing scientist father. The last known transmission from this esteemed antarctic researcher was received near an isolated polar station. Dr. Silver claimed that he could "see trees". Of course, Gabriel decides against the wishes of his brother Michael ( who stays behind doing the bookwork for the Hunt foundation) and heads south by way of New Zealand.
I should also mention the book opens with Gabriel saving the treasure-hunting Professor Fiona Rush from weapons dealers and cossacks on the Romanian boarder. How this figured into the rest of the novel puzzled me, but it did create a lively introduction.
In New Zealand, Gabriel quickly is joined by several companions. There is Rue Aparecido a fiery Brazilian woman, who also happens to be a crackerjack mechanic. Next is Maximillian ("Millie") Ventrose, Jr., a three-hundred pound, 6-f00t-seven, mountain of a man. Naturally, Velda Silver is also going along for the trip.
The action rapidly moves to the Antarctic research center where they assemble everything needed for finding the missing scientist. There's a huge Scandinavian man named Nils and a pilot called Speedo. At this point the action really starts moving along turning Frozen Fire into a superb page-turner. To describe more of the plot would be giving it away. But I will say that it involves blond Amazons, a lost world, and savage birds. And there are plenty of R-rated sex scenes.
Check out this book. You won't be disappointed.