Monday, December 20, 2010

Naming of Parts by Tim Lebbon

I usually don't care for zombie books or movies. Every since George Romero and company spooked everyone with Night of the Living Dead, they all seem to be retreads. And really, just how many times can you revisit that theme without making it seem boring? I thought once S. King got into the game, it would be over. Now even AMC has jumped on the corpse wagon with The Walking Dead (which I'll probably watch once it comes out on DVD).
But Tim Lebbon's short novel, Naming of Parts, struck me as a different angle which might be worth reading. How would a 12-year-old boy deal with the complete collapse of the world around him? What if he wakes up one morning to find dad blasting away with a shotgun at the next door neighbors for now apparent reason? This is the plot of the book.
It's a short read, you can get through it in one sentence. I doubt the entire book is 60 pages. But it is a page turner and has some odd angles. For instance, the zombie outbreak effects every living thing, even foxes are described as standing aimlessly by the side of the road. I wish the book hadn't ended so abruptly, but it's still worth the time if you can find it.

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